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Welcome to Kundalini Yoga Studio/Yoga with Darshan.

What is a typical format of a class?

    We start every Kundalini Yoga class with "tuning-in" with the Adi Mantra "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo" meaning "I bow to the subtle divine wisdom, the divine teacher within."

    This is chanted together with the teacher and the other students 3 or more times, with a long deep breath. This mantra connects us to what is called the "Golden Chain" , the inner spark of kundalini that links us to the masters and saints who have preceded us.

    After "tuning in", the class begins with breathing (pranayam), This is followed with a few warm ups (as needed). The main Kundalini kriya (series of exercises) can be subtle and simple or moderately physical to fairly strenuous (you work at your own comfort level and physical capacity),. After the main kriya there is a deep relaxation (often to the powerful healing sounds of the symphonic gong), followed by al meditation. The class ends with the closing song, "May the Longtime Sun Shine Upon You, All Love Surround You, and the Pure Light within You, Guide Your Way On", sung through two times, followed by chanting Sat Nam, which means "Truth in my Infinite Identity."

    How long do I need to wait after I have eaten to practice Kundalini Yoga?

      It is good to wait about two hours after eating before you practice yoga and meditation. This will help you gain the maximum benefits, plus it is easier to exercise on an empty stomach. If you must eat, a piece of fruit is all right.

      What do I wear for class?

        Wear modest, comfortable clothing, preferably made of cotton or other natural, breathable fiber. White clothes can enhance your Kundalini experience by expanding your electro-magnetic field (aura), your personal awareness and makes it easier for the teacher to see how you are breathing and moving during class. It is best to remove your socks for Kundalini Yoga.

        Find a place to sit or lie down and let yourself relax before class begins.

        What do I bring to class?

          Please bring the following items:

          • yoga mat
          • light blanket or shawl to cover yourself with during the deep relaxation
          • a bottle of water

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