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Past Life Regression


Regression Therapy in the Washington, DC area

Past Life Regression Therapy, a form of guided self-healing, is the mental act of going back to an earlier time, in order to retrieve and clear painful emotions and memories that are causing adverse conditions in your life now. It is achieved through hypnosis, a therapeutic trance which is a combination of physical relaxation and mental concentration.

The client is guided to process their own material to bring about change and eliminate self-sabotaging believes. During hypnosis you are never unconscious, your control is intact and you are aware of everything that goes on.

Details of every event, thought or emotion you've ever experienced... in your current lifetime, your past lifetimes, and even the time between the lifetime... are stored in your subconscious. Fearful or painful experiences trap stagnant blocks of energy in the emotional, mental and physical bodies. These frozen blocks of energy hold your subconscious memory and are like bad programming that keeps you tied to unproductive behavior patterns, even though you have a conscious wish to change them. Regression Therapy releases the frozen blocks of energy holding the negative patterns that prevent you from experiencing health, happiness, self-worth, loving relationships and abundance.

Through Regression Therapy you can access and heal negative patterns. When you heal these patterns your life can change dramatically.

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