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Sat Nam Rasayan


Sat Nam Rasayan is a traditional healing art that releases tendencies and limitations in body, mind, and emotions—the common reasons for sickness. In Sat Nam Rasayan, the self-healing powers of the body become activated and we are able to meet life in a more balanced state. Sat Nam Rasayan is free from dogmatism, religion and belief systems. Sat Nam Rasayan teaches you:

to heal others with powerful tools
to integrate silence and calmness into your life
to release unhealthy behavior
to experience every moment with mental clarity and presence
to handle your feelings, thoughts and emotions without any attachment to them
to develop and establish inner silence to your mind
to hone intuition

For thousands of years Sat Nam Rasayan was a secret yoga tradition. Sat Nam Rasayan was taught in silence by a master to a student and only a few highly developed students were so privileged. The process of training lasted several years, until the student could recognize and maintain a state of neutrality and silence (Shunia). The practitioners of this art were admired as outstanding healers and the teachings were re cognized as one of the highest achievements of Yoga.

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