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Guru Dev Singh

guru-dev-200x300Guru Dev Singh is the sustainer of this lineage of Sat Nam Rasayan healers. In 1986, Guru Dev recognized the complete state of Sat Nam Rasayan and in 1988, Yogi Bhajan spoke to Guru Dev for the first time about what he had learned. Yogi Bhajan asked him: "In this world there are only two people who are acquainted with this knowledge: you and I, and what would happened if we both died?" Guru Dev was then instructed to teach Sat Nam Rasayan to all who wished to learn it. To date there are now hundreds of students studying Sat Nam Rasayan worldwide. It is the first time in history that Sat Nam Rasayan is being taught out loud and in a linear way and to do this Guru Dev Singh had to create an entirely new vocabulary.

Sat Nam Rasayan works on a subtle level thru the projective meditative mind and allows the healer to access and balance the five tattwas and the pranic body. Sat Nam Rasayan is part of the Golden Chain and enhances your awareness of your subtle body and expands the capacity of your meditative mind. This is particularly helpful for teachers of Kundalini Yoga as this develops your ability to experience Shunia and 'hold the space' when you teach Kundalini Yoga classes. It opens your compassionate awareness so you can be sensitized and present to each student in your class.

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