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"The teacher training is so much more than just learning yoga postures and exercises. It's learning about life and how it can be healthy and happy. Being able to teach and share Kundalini Yoga with others is an amazing experience and just so rewarding. I am so grateful for having been given the wonderful gift of Kundalini Yoga and having such a great teacher, Darshan Kaur."
Hillary Hutcheon, Fairfax, VA

"Darshan's Teacher Training Program was an experience that I had waited a long time for. The training was twofold, not only did it provided me with the tools I needed to enhance my daily life but also the tools to help elevate the lives of others. In short the training was very liberating."
Hadiah Setepenra, Washington, DC

"Kundalini Yoga Teachers' Training has ignited an unexpected sense of confidence, valued friendships and a desire to continue on the path toward the happiness that is our birthright. The teachings have provided a vista of approaches to life's challenges and puzzles that heretofore have gone unsolved. I recommend this teacher training to anyone seeking wisdom, peace and change in their lives."
Robin Serig, Vienna VA

"Darshan Kaur's Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training was one of the best experiences of my life. Darshan is an inspiration and mentor. The teacher-training program gives you all the tools you need to teach Kundalini yoga. I feel very prepared to go out into the world and teach. I cannot thank her enough for being such a wonderful teacher. "
Denise Benton, Great Britain


"Teacher Training has been one of the best and most challenging experiences of my life. It is a must if you want to teach Kundalini Yoga. Teacher Training has given me the knowledge and confidence that l can pass on to my students."
Dale Milner, Austin, TX

"The Teacher Training course has not only deepened my experience and appreciation of Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, but has enhanced my experience & appreciation of life itself. I leave this course feeling fully equipped to teach this sacred technology, & much better equipped to handle life."
Nathea Lee, Washington DC

"Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training has provided me with knowledge, spirit, and energy for living. This training has prepared me to share the ancient healing ways of Kundalini Yoga with others. Working through the training program has brought new friendships with fellow teachers. We share love, light, and peace in each class and exercise. I recommend Teacher Training to anyone who wishes to learn more about Kundalini Yoga." 
Keith Newins, Boston, Massachusettes

"Teacher Training has been one of the most impactful things l have done. Even though Kundalini Yoga had been a part of my life for 27 years, the Teacher Training course has reinvigorated me and my love of yoga. The information contained in the course, and the way Darshan presented it, was a great addition to my life and the personal growth I wanted to make. I have become great friends with the other students in the class, and I expect those friendships to last even when the class is over. It is wonderful to see how practicing yoga can impact people in such positive ways."
DK. Khalsa, Herndon, VA


"Darshan's Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training has blessed my life with feelings of abundance and completeness through spiritual awareness and growth. It has given me a new tool box to deal with life by inspiring a daily practice and knowledge of Kundalini Yoga. She has prepared us well to share this gift of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan with others."
Gayle Pugh, Alexandria VA

"I attended this course during a very stressful time in my life. Teacher Training enabled me to become my own student. I realized how much stronger a person I am than what I thought. By learning to teach others this technology I learned so much about myself. When l learn to uplift others l learn to uplift myself."
Lynn Jacobs Dreyer, Falls Church, VA

"l took this Teacher Training not with the idea that I would be teaching, but to learn more about this yoga that has changed my life. I now have a much deeper knowledge than l would have ever guessed possible, and now have the tools and connections to continue to learn more."
Beth Pontiff, Reston, VA


"From the first class of Darshan's that I attended, l always felt she was talking right to me, telling me what l need to hear. She is my spiritual anchor. The Teacher Training program has shifted my awareness and I look at every situation from an expanded perspective."
Lori Chalk, Vienna, VA

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